Ask WHY? and HOW?

2020 Breaking Bad planner - January

To whom has been passionate about Breaking Bad, staying one more year in Walter White’s company can be an interesting perspective. It could be a great joy to relive, up to the smallest detail, a story you have loved that much.
Yet, from the outside, behaviors like these are very similar to the one of a kid watching, again and again, a cartoon.
Even if the mechanisms involved are very alike, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a process: humans learn from other humans how to behave, which way to choose and what to try. It’s “ethics”, simple and cheap philosophy, nothing to be ashamed of.Why starting from now
But that’s not enough. If you don’t turn your vision into a revision, which will provide you better resolutions for the future. If you don’t ask why? and how?, I’m afraid, you risk to end up sharing Walter White’s same tragic fate. You know what: your family forced to live in a two-room apartment and you lying on the floor of a chemical lab. Uh, just kidding, let’s never mix fiction with real life.
Whatever your life is now, you should work for your own theory, and say “I am awake”.

Why not do it using Walter White’s story?

2020 a planner for braking bad banner

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