The first day in your life

2020 - week 6
The second step is to know what we are here for, what are our talents and how we could help ourselves and others

Now the first month of the year has passed and maybe for you and me the same difficulties came to the surface. In only one month any proposal made on January the first has faded away and left us with the same routines.
We should be firm and go on what we have established on our yearly plan of action.
Do answer to “Why am I here?”, to “Who am I?”, and then show up. Acceptance of what you are thinking and feeling is the bedrock of change. It is a paradox in our human life that acceptance is the first precursor to be able to make real change. So showing up to your feeling and your thought, to your story, not struggling with whether it’s right or wrong, but being able to be with it, you could move into a process of stepping out.
Then you will be able to create space between you and your thought. You and your emotion. You and your story. Understand what are your abilities, what makes you feeling good and at the end of the process discover your purpose of life, the only compass able to make you feel good and determined.

2020 - a Planner for Breaking Bad
2020 – a Plann…
The twelve steps to…
By Andrea Serione
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