What are you here to do?

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Each of us is born with a life purpose. Take the time to understand what you are here to do, and pursue that with passion and enthusiasm if you want to have a ready-made compass to guide you in every moment of your life.
To recognize what’s your purpose, and even to be aware that you couldn’t do without it could be difficult and neither easy nor automatic. Many live without a purpose all their life long, and they have never shown the signs of soul’s drying up, scars on their heart, or brain shrinking syndromes. Anyway, anybody could wander at sea in an eternal offshore cruise and be happy but, when the storm rages on the sea, you lack food and water, you will need a map, and a compass, to reach a safe harbor: you’ll need a purpose of life.
If you have seen Breaking Bad, you know what I mean. You know the not so singular story of Walter White, you know about his illness and the developments that followed that diagnosis. His need to find a ready-made purpose of life, the misunderstandings that followed, his breaking bad and the final tragedy. I agree BB producers and writers needed a strong story that kept people glued to the video. I don’t wish anyone a fate like that, but I will use those events for the next year to get my life purpose and convince as many people as possible to feel the need to get it for themselves.

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