Racerback Tank Girl – A Carious Canine

Tank Gril in a Carious CanineThe Iconclast Brigade is a tribute to the comix launched by Jamie Hewlett on Deadline magazine in 1988. Rebecca Buck, alias the Tank Girl, the Racerback Tank Girl for my sinister copyright reasons, is a teenage punk who drove a tank and has a mutant kangaroo for a boyfriend.

the Iconclast - Summer 2020 rallyBut here the story is different: left aside tank and kangaroo, the Racerback Tank girl is still wearing tank tops and t-shirts, but completely broke, she ends up meeting a group of stragglers who with little means get busy doing jobs for the British secret services. This is precisely MI6, that of James Bond, but forget the Aston Martin and the missile launcher in the lighter. The Iconclast has no funds, and The Brigade of desperate survives with a thousand gimmicks in which they will involve our girl.

In the episode “A Carious Canine”, the Racerback Tank Girl is on her first mission. The story revolves around microfilms with very secret contents that obviously interest more than one person: English secret services (and therefore also the Iconclast Brigade), spies, traitors and so on.
Someone is killing everyone aware of, or looking for the microfilms. Coincidentally, Rebecca, the Racerback Tank Girl, gets information from a secret agent who dies near her, but before dying he pronounces a few disconnected sentences. Rebecca, after several misfortunes and misunderstandings, with the help of his brazen luck,  finds the microfilms implanted in a canine of a werewolf. In fact, he is not a wolf, but a dangerous pig (a werewolf pig, just that).

Werewolf Pig: your best partnerThe pig is very bitchy but, despite his malice, he will become very fond of Becca and grateful for having freed him of the soaring tooth that hid the microfilms.

The pig will be at her side in many other adventures to come. But he could be on your tees too. Go and have a look at Tshirts and tank tops in my shop located on the page:  https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/missionTOmars/.

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