Science Research Center, Los Alamos

The certificate, that can be seen hanging on the White’s house wall, attests to Walter’s participation in the research that brought two American scientists, Herbert A. Hauptman and Jerome Karle, to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985, and precisely for their “outstanding achievements in the development of direct methods for the determination of crystalContinue reading “Science Research Center, Los Alamos”

2020 – a planner for Breaking Bad

This 2020 planner, nor-book-nor-planner, collecting items and quotes from Breaking Bad, takes back home the TV series, but now you are the protagonist. Try to answer the $ 80million question: WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE IN THE WALTER WHITE’S SHOES? Preview and shop on Blurb

Ask WHY? and HOW?

To whom has been passionate about Breaking Bad, staying one more year in Walter White’s company can be an interesting perspective. It could be a great joy to relive, up to the smallest detail, a story you have loved that much. Yet, from the outside, behaviors like these are very similar to the one ofContinue reading “Ask WHY? and HOW?”

2020, a planner for Breaking Bad…

….or the 12 steps to come off great Orphans of Breaking Bad?, would you like to spend another year with Walter White and the cast of BB? Say yes, because here it is a question of rebuilding your lives. Unfortunately, it will take a year, but from these pages, we will follow you step byContinue reading “2020, a planner for Breaking Bad…”